Service with a smile, that’s all that needs to be said about it. But whoa there! Stop stations! How about being on time? That question was answered long time ago by your local Jacksonville electrical contractors. They’ve made it a pledge. They’ve also given themselves quite a challenge. It ought to be a challenge given that their book of business is likely to grow thicker owing to their excellent service record and reputation. The deal to the customers out there is if the technicians do not show up on time, the service will be given for free. Wow! How about that then?

The service is respectful of a client’s own time. The willingness to work to emergency hours as well comes from the awareness that rival operators working on normal business hours cannot conceivably be giving their clients a justified service. Apart from gaining a free service in the event that an electrical contractor does not show up at the agreed upon time, one hundred percent satisfaction from the client is sought for all services performed on site.

Emergency or not, and on time, electrical contracting work typically includes the repair of existing equipment, new installations, if required, replacement of parts and components as well as regular maintenance calls. Lighting retrofits can also be carried out. Good, friendly advice is given to allow customers to make prudent decisions on the need for a surge protection installation. Whole building surge protection and rewiring will be carried out for commercial clients. The highest levels of professional service are made possible through good old fashioned honesty and integrity.  

Jacksonville electrical contractors

And alongside of that, your friendly and on time electrician is also well trained and a licensed practitioner. Service on time and with a smile. What more could you ask for?