Looking for fun activities for your senior loved one in Greenwich? There are tons of activities that seniors of all ages and backgrounds can enjoy. Thanks to unlimited options for senior transportation Greenwich, it is easy to get your loved one to any of these activities any day of the week. Some of the ideas for senior fun include:

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Craft Events

Crafting is always fun for people of all ages. Seniors particularly enjoy crafting. Many local crafting events allow seniors to come together to create different crafts. There are always crafting events going on throughout town.


What senior doesn’t enjoy a great game of Bingo? Greenwich hosts many activities for seniors that oftentimes include Bingo. It’s the tried and true activity that provides that excitement to the day that every senior needs.


Knitting is yet another awesome idea for senior fun. Many seniors enjoy knitting and there’s a plethora of ways they can put their skills to work, whether they want to simply enjoy a great hobby or want to do good for the community.


Various outing opportunities for seniors around town ensure that they can live the good life. Visit to local shopping outlets, parks, art galleries, and museums oftentimes provide the excitement for the day that a senior wants and needs.

Board Games

From Monopoly to Clue to more modern games, board games are surely a fun way to put a smile on your face. A fun way to spend any day!

These activities are just a few of the many that can help the senior in your life live their life to the fullest. Now, the only difficult thing left to do is to decide which of these fun activities will be first on the agenda. Your senior will love these awesome activities!